West Kendall is certainly a Miami community that appreciates music and the arts.  This passion has led to community resident group Friends of West Kendall being formed with the mission of bettering the lives of the residents of West Kendall. Their first project The West End Concert Series recently has been made possible by The Miami Foundation, after winning the highly competitive Miami Public Space Challenge.   The West End Concert Series had a Spring and Fall multi-genre musical events in 2017, featuring local artists and musicians from West Kendall and the surrounding communities of Miami-Dade. Needless to say, local excitement surrounding the concert series and attendance was high.

“Our goal is to engage the west kendall community and bring cultural events that will enhance our neighborhood,”  commented co-founder of Friends of West Kendall, Veronica Barrios-Garcia.  “We love to live here but always have to travel to other communities in northern and eastern areas to attend cultural and artistic events. Our goal is to create some of that fun and entertainment in our own backyard.”

Friends of  West Kendall, was founded by local community activist Juan David Rey, who had the forethought and sense of vision to submit the The West End Concert Series project to the Miami Public Space Challenge, and long time resident of the community Veronica Garcia, a freelance TV producer and mother.  Both couldn’t be happier about the positive impact the group is having both with the concert series and other projects still in the planning stage.